Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Music class and other activities

In science, we sorted cut out words of objects that makes light.  We put the words in categories based on we thought they were connected.  Some of the groups were things that use electricity, things that were made of fire, natural light, things that were natural phenomena, things that reflect and things that glow in space.

In music, we played an instrument called a Boom Whacker.  Our music teacher taught us to play some songs with them, including O Cananda. They were different colours like a rainbow.  They were different lengths so that they made different sounds.

In Health, with Mrs. Westmacott, we did something called Helathy Me where we wrote down things that we do that are healthy.  Some examples of healthy choices were sleeping 8 hours at night, playing hockey or other sports, eating fruits and vegetables and punching a punching bag for exercise. 

Yesterday we played a math game with some Kindergarten students.

Our focus in Phys. Ed. is gymnastics.  Yesterday we got to make up our own routines.  We did cartwheels, forward rolls and teddy bear stands.

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  1. Hello Everyone, It sure sounds like you are a busy group who like to explore many learning styles. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures and discoveries. Take care of each other.


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