Monday, January 12, 2015

Our classes New Year's resolution is to post on our blog once a week - Demitrius
(Because Ms. Nairn always forgets)

Our whole class did Oneword365 for our New Year's resolutions.  - Emma

We are learning about non-fiction.  - Tristan

Things we know about non-fiction:
They are true stories - Savannah
They have true facts - Alexa
Sharks don't sleep - Emma
All sharks have super senses. - Melvin
There are captions under the pictures. - Erika
Whale sharks are the biggest shark in the world. - G
 Sharks use most of their brain to smell - Dante
In non-fiction stories there are photographs. - Ella
Non fiction stories have true information - Shaira

We just came back from winter break on Monday. - Joyce

We learned about measuring objects.  We measured books, pencils, erasers etc.  We are learning about centimeters and meters. - Nyla

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  1. Thanks for blogging this I checked your blog each week to see what was going on in the class during my trip!
    Thank You Awezmainia! - Gaby


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