Friday, January 30, 2015

Wayside and other stories

We are creating art work about the Artic. We painted Artic landscapes with water colours on special water colour paper.  The art was inspired by the artist Ted Harrison, a Canadian artist.

Today we learned about self talk with Mrs. Burns.  It is where a voice appears in your head and talked to you.  Sometimes it is a negative talk and sometimes it is positive talk. We made a list of things you can tell yourself if the talk is negative.

We are reading a book called Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  We are on chapter 9.  Each chapter is about a different character.  We learned that the fasted draw meant that they were the fasted drawer (on paper) in the school, the name was Bebe Gunn.  Their school was suppose to be one storey high and 30 classrooms, but instead they made it 30 storeys with 1 classroom per floor.  But it is actually 29 because there is no 19th floor.  There was also coaster about a teacher who would wiggle her ears and turn kids into apples (don't worry they were turned back into kids).

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