Friday, February 13, 2015

I Love to Read Week

We are celebrating I Love to Read Week this week. - Eliott
We had Wacky Day yesterday, and we also had Beach Day. - Nyla
For this week there is a tipi in the library - Emma

We are celebrating Valentine's Day at school, today. - Dante
Everyone handed out Valentine cards and put them in bags that we decorated. - Demitrius
We are having our Valentine's party at the end of the day. - Tristan

One of the Transcona Railers came to read to us today. - Elijah

We learned two songs that were sung by the voyageurs. - Erika
We are going to Festival du Voyageur next week. - Emma

This week we made art with Ms. Westmacott. - Savannah

We are studying Australia and Nunavut in social studies. - Ella
With Mrs. Wyche we made flags to represent Australia & the North. - Gaby
We are learning about legends from Australia and the North. - Joyce

This week we were learning about groups of three in math. - Kaden

In Phys. Ed. we are learning how to play Basketball. - Kayla

In music we have to work on our music books, before our test.  We get one class to study and then we will write our test.  Once we have finished our test, we will go back to learning recorder. - Tristan

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