Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our week so far.

We went to gym today. (Paige)
The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra visited our school and we had the woodwind quintet play for us yesterday. (Kaleigh)
Today we did daily 5. (Chloe) We also had computer and played games. (Cassidy)
Yesterday we made our class brain out of plasticine and it is pink. (Sofiya)
We are very excited about our Monster Project. (Grace) 
We picked a belly-button for the Monster Project. (Faith)
We wrote on little flags what kind of "smart" we are and we are going to stick them in our plasticine brain with toothpicks! (Cole)
In Guided Reading one of our groups read a book called "The Junk-yard Dog". (Jillian)
In this story Stuart was mean to the dog, but Rachel gave him bones! (Zoe) 
The song we enjoyed the most at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra was the theme to Star Wars. (Jearan)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Make 10 Rap

This month we are also practicing our 10 facts.  One way we have been doing this is by doing the What Makes Ten rap.  Watch the video below and check it out.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Terry Fox Run

We had the Terry Fox run.  It was really long and it was really fun too. - Zoe
I was running like a cheetah out there and Brook was following me. - Davion
We were running very long and we saw our houses.  I also saw my dad in his car. - Sofiya
After the Terry Fox run.  We had the gym party.  We got juice boxes and granola bars.  We even got play with equipement. - Jillian
I was running fast that I tripped. Jearan and I were the first ones back. - Kohen
On the Terry Fox run I saw my house and my brother was sticking his head out the window. - Ewan
At the Terry Fox run, Ewan showed me his house.  Then he showed my friend his house too. - Kayleigh
In the Terry Fox run I was right behind Kohen and Jearan. - Nathan
At the Terry Fox run Kohen and I ran so fast that no one could catch up to us.  My buddies like music and so do I.  The put on music after the run.
We got letters from people who are trying to become teaches. - Paige
The people who are trying to be teachers go to the University of Manitoba. - Cassidy
Today we went gym and we played Jump the Canyon.  One person had to jump over the mat and the other person had to go running around the mat to try and tag them. - Chloe

Today was a rather busy day for our class.  In the morning student's received letters from their new pen pals.  Our class is partnering with students at the University of Manitoba in their final year of the education program.  They will exchange several letters throughout the year.  This partnership supports our class by providing our students with an authentic audience for their writing.  It also benefits the pre-service teachers as it allows them to see actual examples of student writing, as connecting with students.  We hope to visit the university in the Spring and meet our pen pals face to face.  Our whole school also participated in the Terry Fox run today.  Our goal was to beat last years goal of over 1300 dollars.  We will find out tomorrow if we have, in which case all the male staff members have agreed to dye their hair pink. - Ms. Nairn

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It started with a tweet...

We, in Venus 1 have begun to made connections with classrooms outside our school and it all began with a tweet.  In our class we have been reading books by Oliver Jeffers.  The grade 2 crew really enjoyed STUCK, a story of a boy who gets his kite caught in a tree and then tries to throw things at it, to dislodge the kite.  What really impressed me was the deeper thinking they students had as they asked questions about the book.  One in particular centered around the fact that on every page, the tree and the boy were a different colour.  We discussed why the author may have chosen to do this.

One of the ways I connect with other educators, is by following them on Twitter and on Monday I responded to one of their tweets.  Mr. Stimson's grade 1/2 class had tweeted that they had enjoyed reading STUCK.  When I got home, I tweeted back that our class also loved the book and then shared our wondering about the different colours of the tree.  Mr. Stimson's class said they hadn't noticed by would go back and re-read it and share their thinking with us.  By Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Malkoske's grade 1/2 class also joined into our conversation and suggested that all three classes Skype.  We are hoping to set up a time to do this in the next week or so.  Mrs. Malkoske's class also wrote a post on their blog and shared a video which you can view here.

Now that each class has shared some of their thoughts, we are hoping to find a way to connect with Oliver Jeffers himself and find out why he chose the colours that he did.

I am so excited that our grade 2 crew are able to share their learning with others and even encourage discussions in other classes!  It is a great way to start off our year of connecting with others.

I encourage you to check out Mr. Stimson's class page and Mrs. Malkoske's class blog!

Indoor Recess

Today was our first indoor recess of the year.  We had a lot of fun.  Some of us were playing animals and blocks.  Some of us also played Lego.  Kohen and Davion were playing with Monkeys.  Some of us were drawing.  At the end we listened to music.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our day at school

Today was Tuesday at school and we went to gym.  We had both phys.ed teachers today because we had to share our class with the other grade two's. (Vanessa)

We played a fun game with some of our friends at recess. It was called "My little pony". (Zoe)

At recess I played with Brook on the monkey bars and it was very fun.  (Paige)

We learned how to count by 10's in math. (K)

We did 26 spelling words but they were words that we knew pretty well so it wasn't that hard for us. (Cassidy)

We played Domino Parking Lot in math and it was fun too! (Brook)

We wrote in our journals about what we did on the weekend and we had to do two sentences and draw a picture. (Kaleigh)

At recess I played Knights with Faith. (Cole)

The last time I rode my dirt bike I only fell off it twice. Now I can balance much better. (Jearan)  

On the weekend Mrs. Hepworth went to Clear Lake with her family. I went mountain bike riding, and swam in an outdoor pool ....chilly!! On the last day I saw Buffalo in part of Riding Mountain National Park. They were not scared of me at all and looked very big. (Mrs. Hepworth)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Grade 2

We went to music. - Paige
We had fun at recess because my friends and I were spying on another friend. - Kohen
It was fun meeting Ms. Nairn - Ewan
I had fun at recess because I was playing with my friends. - Jillian
We went to assembly. - Kylie I had fun at recess becuase me and Paige were playing with our friend. - Brook
Its fun in grade 2 because I met a new teacher. - K
We leared that 22+2=24 in math. - Madison
We are sharing and caring and having lots of fun. - Zoe

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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