Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gobstopper of a day!

Yesterday we made gobstoppers and we had Ms. Nairn mix four flavours; mint, vanilla, lemon and cherry.  And they were melted so she froze them. - Zoe
The gobstoppers are actually jawbreakers. - Nathan
On Wednesday we made gobstoppers and ever person in our class got a chance to do something.  The gobstoppers were rainbow coloured.  We brought the home and we got to eat them.  They were delicious. - Sofiya
I brought my Myth Buster's Confirm or Busted book so that we could make the gobstoppers. When we made them we needed sugar, water, hard candy flavouring, and a package of food colouring, - Jearan
Making the gobstoppers was really awesome and they were really yummy. - Cassidy
We actually got the idea to make the gobstoppers from the book Myth Busters. - Kohen
Ewan and Davion were having a good time licking their gobstoppers. - Kayleigh
When we made the gobstoppers we added food colouring and someone picked the colours.  I picked blue for vanilla. - Jillian
The gobstoppers had to do with solids, liquids, and gases. - Ewan
If there wasn't any water the sugar wouldn't dissolved. - Dylan
When we made the gobstoppers we had to put them into cupcake tins that had tinfoil on the inside so they wouldn't stick. - Chloe
Yesterday outside we went to the back of the school and we saw snow steaming on our school. - Madison

If you would like to make your own gobstopper at home, you can find a link here.  Please make sure to do this with an adult!

Can't Hardly Wait

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