Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our First Field Trip

Today we went to the Manitoba Museum and there was a science experiment. - Ewan
Today we went to the Manitoba Museum and it was awesome because we went to the science gallery. - Kaleigh
Today at the museum we saw dinosaur bones. - Kylie
 Today at the museum I saw baby turtles. - Paige
Today on the bus it was bumpy at the back. - Chloe
At the museum some of us raced cars. - Sofiya
At the museum my group built lego technic race cars. - Nathan
During the field trip I saw a big, giant yellow thing, with a metal circle.  There was also one on the other side of the room.  Another person went there.  I talked and she talked, I listened and she listened.  Then I went on the pulley chairs. - Zoe
At the Manitoba Museum we went on the Nonsuch (the big boat).  There was the poop deck and there was a downstairs. - Brook
I was always beside Zoe being her partner. - Davon
We got to see dinosaurs. - Jason
On the bus Ms. Nairn gave us word searches.  There were shaped liked snowmen. - Cassidy
I saw the bones of a big swimming dinosaur. - Faith
At the science gallery I volunteered to do an experiment with a diaper. - Kohen
At the science gallery there was some gross stuff, like glue, food colouring and borax.  It was called Gak. - Cole
At the back of the bus Kaleigh and Zoe had a word search.  We all finished them. - A
 At the museum we went to this town and it looked like a real city. - Vanessa
At the museum I raced cars at the car station. - Madison
At the museum there was a cave with fake bats. - Dylan
At the museum I saw a buffalo and there was a hunter, hunting it. - Denzel
We went on a field trip which was awesome because we saw buffalo and we saw a town.  In the town there was an old movie.  It was black and white and it had no speaking.  There was only music. - Kayleigh
When we went to the museum on our field trip.  We went to the science gallery and the part I loved was sitting in the chairs and pulling ourselves up with ropes.  The red one was hard. - Jillian

We set up the book fair and we are going to visit it tomorrow to buy books. - Grace

Visitors in our class

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the Manitoba Museum. - Cassidy
Today we went to music and it was awesome. - Chloe
We had in our class today.  They were watching us do read to self. - Kaleigh
My dad is coming to the field trip. - Jearan
Today we had visitors and they watched Ms. Christian teach us. - Zoe
During portfolios we had to take everything out of our bins and our daily 5 bins. - Davion
Today we had to edit our position riddles. - A
We had Ms. Nairn and Ms. Christian record our riddles on her Ipad.  We wrote it down before we did the recording. - Brook.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Blizzard (sort of)

Photograph taken by Nathan, assisted by Kohen

We played Graveyard in gym and it was awesome. - Kaleigh
We went to library and we read a book called Perfect Snow. - Grace
Ms. Nairn gave bubble gum to us today.  - Faith
Ms. Nairn gave us portfolios for school.  - Paige
We read a book called Cam and the Mystery Writer Mystery and her real name is Jennifer.  They called her camera because she has a photographic memory.  They put the author's name somewhere else on the book so it would like a real mystery. - Zoe
Today it is snowing.  Snow is fun but it feels like a blizzard today.  - Kayleigh
Today it is pretty foggy because of the snow. - Nathan
Today it there was a blizzard outside. After recess we were doing math and we made a concrete graph with shoes. After that, we used blocks. - Jillian
For all three recesses me and Paige stayed inside.-Davion

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Day to Remember at Harold Hatcher

Today we had book choice. (Sofiya) Today we had a wonderful Remembrance Day Assembly! (Kaleigh) Today we read a story and it was called Cam Jansen. (Chloe) Our Assembly was a service and we learned about Peace!(Faith)At book choice we learned "good fit" books and what will work best for us when we are reading.(A) 


Friday, November 2, 2012

The week of Halloween.

Today we Skyped with a grade 2 class.  They told us some jokes. - Sofiya
We had gym and it was fun because we played a game called Yoshi Island. - Cole
This past Wednesday we had Halloween.  We went trick or treating and it was the best thing ever. - Kayleigh
On Thursday we had a substitute teacher.  It was fantastic. - Kaleigh
I talked to the principal about playing Minecraft.  We are waiting to see if we can play it on the computer.- Jearan
Yesterday we watched the Magic School Bus video about sound and music. - Dylan
We read Ivy and Bean today.  Bean thought that her sister was crying because Bean was gone, but she was crying because she can't get her ears pierced.   We have two chapters left- Brook
In the book Ivy and Bean, Ivy said she was going to throw up and she made a gross burp twice.  It was just a trick to get Bean out of the ladies yard. - Jillian
On Monday we had Halloween gym.  I had the best time ever.  There were stations.  There was a haunted house and there was a spider's web.  There was also a graveyard.  When you finished going around the graveyard you had to feel yucky stuff.  The last station, you had to get on a scooter and roll around in a spooky maze. - Zoe
In the haunted house you actually had to go on a scooter too. - Kohen
Today we had daily 5.  I read a book.  The title was Today I Will Fly by Mo Willems. - Chloe
The class Halloween the snacks were healthy and they were awesome. - A
Today in science we learned about position and it was fantastic. - Madison
Yesterday we played a math game called Drop of Doom. - Davion

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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