Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#Eduphotoaday Continues

We are almost at the end of May and we have really been enjoying taking photos daily.  Here are some more great representations.

             Flag by Paige                                                                                      Lunch by Jearan

         Grow by Faith                                                                                        Close-up by Kylie

           Space by Jason                                                                                  Black and White by Sofiya

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Falcon Cam is Up!

This term we are studying growth and changes in animals.  Part of this study focuses on animal life-cycles and so for the next few weeks we will be watching the CBC Peregrine Falcon Cam .  If we are lucky we might even be able to see the chicks hatch live.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Eduphotoadaymay Over the Weekend to Today

We have been busy taking pictures all week and they students have come up with really great pictures to represent the words.

Polkadots by Kaleigh

Play by Brook

Lost and Found by Ewan (A student was "lost" and then "found")

Book by Sofiya

A Rule by Cole

Mom by Dylan

Shoes by Jason

Monday, May 6, 2013

#Eduphotoadaymay #eye

Today's word was eye.  Kohen took this picture.

Beach Day

Ms. Nairn took a picture of two people in our class and she posted it up on our blog. - Kohen
Today was beach day and most of our class was wearing their summer clothes.  It was fantastic. - Vanessa
We read a book about science.  It showed how the chicks grow inside the eggs.  When they get out, they use their egg tooth to get out. - Sofiya
We got marshmallow twists, they tasted like strawberry. - Kaleigh
Today is Denzel's last day and we are going to miss him a lot because he has been an awesome person in our class. - Ewan
Today we have an extended recess.  I played soccer with my friends.  I played with my other friends. - Davion
We had a long recess and it was awesome. - Jillian
We were suppose to have a dance party, but instead we had a beach day.  Everyone wore their beach stuff to school. - Madison
Today we had beach day and people were wearing their sunglasses.  They also wore short sleeves. - Grace
I played charades with my friends. - Chloe

Friday, May 3, 2013

#eduphotoadaymay the weekend shots

Today we talked about what makes a good photo, how to decide on a subject, and how to represent the daily words in different ways.  We also planned for the next two days of photos and took them in advance of the weekend.  Here are some of our ideas:

And here is what our student photographs photographed to represent the 
words for this weekends challenges:

Outside Our Window by Vanessa

Sunshine by Jillian

Upside Down by A

Upside down by Cassidy

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chicks in the Class

Today we had the chance to hold the very cute chicks from the grade 3 class next door.  Two are yellow and two are black and they all have an egg tooth on their beak. -Sofiya

Sometimes when we held the chicks, they had an accident but we wiped it up and cleaned our hands. -Jill

We saw chicks and some were curious, and some were crazy and one was calm. -Kaleigh

In Science we were leaning about hens, chicks and roosters and how they are both different and what things they have in common. We used a Venn diagram and put them in different categories. -Madison

Today when we held the chicks we made a circle so the chicks would be more safe as we passed them around. -Zoe

#Eduphotoadaymay #Music

Today we took a picture of the drums for the Instagram picture of the day. We got to pick if it was light or dark or black or light. -Vanessa and Madison.

 The word was for today's #eduphotodaymay was#music.
The picture was taken by Madison.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wacky day

Wacky Day!


A New Project is Underway!
This month, two elementary teachers in our division came up with an amazing project and it started today!  We are excited to be participating in the #eduphotoaday project for May.  You can find a link to the blog by clicking hereOur class must take a photo everyday that corresponds with the word of the day.  We then take the picture and post it on Instagram, sometimes adding filters or other effects to make the photos look a little more dazzling.  Instagram is currently available for smartphones and ipads, and we are using Ms. Nairn's Ipad take our photos and edit them.

Here is a list of each days theme courtesy of the #eduphotoaday blog:


Today's word was Us and after much discussion about what would make an interesting photo, students decided on this to represent us.

If you have an Instagram account of your own you can follow us @msnairnsclass

Can't Hardly Wait

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