Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This week at school

Today we rehearsed for the Christmas concert and we got to practice our lines. In math we did this alphabet math game called how much is the word worth. Starting yesterday we started having indoor recess because the wind chill was too cold. We are happy we got to stay in, but are not bothered by the cold.

-Nathan & Kayleigh

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It has begun...

Today begs the creation of our cardboard arcade.  Inspired by Caine's arcade (video shown in a post below).  Students are using what they have learned this term about gravity, magnets and static electricity to build arcade games.  Last week students drew diagrams, created a list of materials and made a list of criteria for their games.  Building day finally arrived today.  For almost three hours students worked hard on their games moving them from concept to concrete.  The excitement and focus was palatable.  I had the pleasure today of watching our class become designers, architects and engineers.  Students moved freely between building their own games and inspecting others creations.  They were discussion their techniques, offering each other advice and problem solving.  Not only did I see students working hard, but I saw them taking care of one and other.  One student would call out for a supply and another would direct them too it.  There was shouting, no fighting over materials, no hurt feelings.  It was amazing to see how well our class community can work together.  Icanct wait to continue this project tomorrow.
-Ms. Nairn

A special thankyou to our Harold Hatcher family and friends that
donated the various materials needed to create our games.
Our boxes before we got started
In the middle of construction.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Boxes and Boos

This week we learned about a 9 year old boy who made his own arcade.  Our class was just inspired by the video.  Our teacher got so many comments by the studens about making their own machines.  We are using boxes to make our machines.
We made pictures of witches based on Pablo Picasso's art.  We also had a Halloween party.  We had a huge assembly that we have every year.  We sing and dance.  After that we went back to our classroom and we had a party.  We had food, and then played.  Our teacher put on a Halloween song.
- Madison

Photographs by Kayleigh and Vanessa

Monday, October 28, 2013

Caine's Arcade and One of Our Own

This term we have been learning in science about invisible forces, including gravity, magnetism and static electricity.  As a final project, students will be asked to create a game based on one of these principals.  To get students excited about this project we watched two video's today about an inspirational, 9 year old boy named Caine.  You can watch them below.  We are inviting families to donate boxes and other materials to our class these week, as we start our planning.  We will begin construction next week.

-Ms. Nairn

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pablo Picasso and other things

We looked at pictures from an artist and his name is Pablo Picasso. Wer're doing pictures for Halloween.  Today we're doing sketches.  We're recommending books to our university buddies.  We write back and forth with them.

by Madison and Paige

Photos by Vanessa and Kayleigh

This week we started our first rotation of class jobs, which include such things as reporters, communication liaisons, photographers, naturalists and djs.  We have also been taking time a few times a week to use our various smarts to explore in our classroom.  We also spent the week finishing up our exploration of static electricity in science.  Ask our students what 3 invisible forces we've learned about this year.

- Ms. Nairn 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Unexpected Comments

We were so inspired by the book  The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds that we created our own dot pictures.  After writing Kidblog post about our art, we got comments from unexpected guests.  We were very excited to receive comments from around North America.  Some of the guests who commented included Terry from Iowa, Ms. Rempel from the class next to us., Mrs. Hillman who teacher grade 3 in the United States  and some of Mrs. Forrest's students.  But the most surprising comment came from Peter H. Reynolds WE WERE SHOCKED!  An author had commented on every single one of our blogs.  It was awesome!  

Thank you Peter H. Reynolds for posting on our blogs and making our day!

To see all of the comments received on our blogs, go to http://kidblog.org/MsNairnsClass/.

A sample of some of the comments we received

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September Art

In the middle of September, our class, along with others around the world, celebrated International Dot Day.  A day to celebrate creativity and "making our mark".  The day and our art work was inspired by a fantastic book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  A slide show of our art can be found below.  As an extension activity students wrote about their art work on our kidblogs and learned how to add a picture.  We love comments both here and on our kidblogs, so please share the link with friends and family.

You can find the posts here: http://kidblog.org/MsNairnsClass/http://kidblog.org/MsNairnsClass/

Friday, September 27, 2013

A brief review of our week.

Yesterday we made maps at the end of the day and it had to be of your bedroom.  It also had to be a birdseye view.  This weekend we have to look at our rooms and then we have come back on Monday to finish our maps. - Kaleigh

On Monday we have Mad Science and I am really excited. - Jaidan

This week we are learning about gravity. We were learning about forces too.  - Paige and Faith

Today we went to gym and we played soccer  It was awesome.  We played helicopter. - Cassidy and Brook.

Today we were learning about gravity and we did this observation.  We were looking for evidence that gravity is around us.  We went to the gym, outside and then back in because the bell rang.   At recess I met up with my friend and Grace.- Zoe

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our first class geocaching

Today we went geocaching on the path behind our school and we found two geocaches. We found one of the ones that I planted with my Dad and it was fantastic!! -  Kaleigh

I thought that the Geochaching was awesome! -Paige

We found paper and we had to sign our name and we also found toys and we traded erasers. -Faith

We had to walk really far to find the first geocach and when we found it it was camoflaged with a tape and then we opened it and the paper we had to sign was inside. - Zoe

We got to use these geocach gps and all of the geocaches were covered in camo duct-tape and blue duct-tape for water and they are in a container. -Jearan

Today we had computer and we all have new passwords that we will use until we are in grade 12!! We wrote on KIDBLOG on the computer. - Sofiya

For more information on geocaching and caches near you click on the photo below to bring you Geocaching.com

You can also find the app for your smart phone here.


First Few Days of Grade 3GRade 3 is awesome

Grade 3 is awesome because we do fun things.  - Cole
Grade 3 is really fantastic.  This week we have been working on reading and multiple intelligence. - Kaleigh
Today we did daily 5. I read "Little Baby Blue Bear sees Blue".  It was a really good book. - Paige
Grade three is really fun because we get to be actors for the Christmas concert. - Jearan
Our class is spectacular and Ms. Nairn did a move from grade 2 to grade 3.  Then she will probably go back to grade 2 next year.  Ms. Nairn calls us grade 3 bees (when she remembers). - Zoe
I like grade 3 but it can be rough sometimes. - Jillian
We have a new two new students.  We did spelling and the last one was challenging. - Davion

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Year About to Start

Well September is just a week away, and school starting quickly follows that.  I am lucky enough this year to be teaching the students in my grade 2 class, grade 3 this year.  This is a new grade for me which is exciting, and knowing the students for a year already, I have noticed that I am already organizing what we do to best fit everyone's interests.  I spent this past week setting up our classroom, and making small changes to the room.  As I have been working, I have been able to watch our new play structure go up.  It looks fantastic and even us teachers are excited to explore it.  I can't wait for the first day of school!
- Ms. Nairn

What our class looked like at the beginning of the week

     What it looked like on Friday

Our new play structure

Friday, June 7, 2013

Field Day at Harold Hatcher

Yesterday we had field day and there was face painting and water games. -Sofiya
Mr. Code's daughter could do a back-flip and it was cool and she showed us some more gymnastics! - Brook and Paige.
During the coffee run at the field day, I got totally soaked! - A
There were 29 stations at our field day and we had 3 bouncers and my friend and I got our faces painted as Cheetahs! - Kaleigh
Kohen,  Cole and Jason got their faces painted as Blue Darth Maul, Red Darth Maul, and Sauvage (yellow).  - Kohen and Cole
Vanessa's parents came to field day and they saw us do a fishing game where you try to get the rod on the fishes forehead! - Faith and Vanessa.
Today Zoe and Grace did a gymnastics skill called the wheelbarrow and it was used to carry our baskets out! -Zoe
I went to the face painting station and got my face painted as Pikachu. - Jillian
After field day we watched a Magic School Bus.  We were learning about butterflies and other insects.  We also got freezies as a treat. - Madison
I went to the face painting station and I got my face painted as a tiger. - Kylie
I went with my friend to the coffee run and we splashed each other with the water buckets.  We got really wet. - Kayleigh
My friends and I went the Hang Up Your Laundry station.  We had to run to the fence and grab clothespins to try to hang the laundry. - Grace
My friend and I went to the coffee run.  He sprayed his bucket on the crowd and I poured my bucket on him.  He was soaking wet. - Jearan


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#Eduphotoaday Continues

We are almost at the end of May and we have really been enjoying taking photos daily.  Here are some more great representations.

             Flag by Paige                                                                                      Lunch by Jearan

         Grow by Faith                                                                                        Close-up by Kylie

           Space by Jason                                                                                  Black and White by Sofiya

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Falcon Cam is Up!

This term we are studying growth and changes in animals.  Part of this study focuses on animal life-cycles and so for the next few weeks we will be watching the CBC Peregrine Falcon Cam .  If we are lucky we might even be able to see the chicks hatch live.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#Eduphotoadaymay Over the Weekend to Today

We have been busy taking pictures all week and they students have come up with really great pictures to represent the words.

Polkadots by Kaleigh

Play by Brook

Lost and Found by Ewan (A student was "lost" and then "found")

Book by Sofiya

A Rule by Cole

Mom by Dylan

Shoes by Jason

Monday, May 6, 2013

#Eduphotoadaymay #eye

Today's word was eye.  Kohen took this picture.

Beach Day

Ms. Nairn took a picture of two people in our class and she posted it up on our blog. - Kohen
Today was beach day and most of our class was wearing their summer clothes.  It was fantastic. - Vanessa
We read a book about science.  It showed how the chicks grow inside the eggs.  When they get out, they use their egg tooth to get out. - Sofiya
We got marshmallow twists, they tasted like strawberry. - Kaleigh
Today is Denzel's last day and we are going to miss him a lot because he has been an awesome person in our class. - Ewan
Today we have an extended recess.  I played soccer with my friends.  I played with my other friends. - Davion
We had a long recess and it was awesome. - Jillian
We were suppose to have a dance party, but instead we had a beach day.  Everyone wore their beach stuff to school. - Madison
Today we had beach day and people were wearing their sunglasses.  They also wore short sleeves. - Grace
I played charades with my friends. - Chloe

Friday, May 3, 2013

#eduphotoadaymay the weekend shots

Today we talked about what makes a good photo, how to decide on a subject, and how to represent the daily words in different ways.  We also planned for the next two days of photos and took them in advance of the weekend.  Here are some of our ideas:

And here is what our student photographs photographed to represent the 
words for this weekends challenges:

Outside Our Window by Vanessa

Sunshine by Jillian

Upside Down by A

Upside down by Cassidy

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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