Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anticipation for a Halloween Party!

We finished our monster.  - Cassidy
Today we have a Halloween party.  It is going to be awesome. - Sofiya
Today we have a costume party.  It is going to be exciting. - Cole
Today we have a Halloween party and we are dressing up in costumes, and we are going to have a bunch of treats. - Brook & Kohen
We are going to be having treats like chips and cheese & crackers.  It will be fantastic. - Ewan
I brought a special surprise treat and nobody knows what it is.  - Zoe
We have Halloween gym on Monday.  It is like jungle gym but spookier. - Dylan
We have a haunted house during Monday's Halloween gym. - Jearan
Our Monster is cool because it likes Monsterella. - Sofiya
The monster is spooky.  It is done.  Now it is on the wall. - Brook
Ms. Nairn put up cobwebs. - Davion
Ms. Nairn decorated the class room with Halloween stuff.  There is a bat, a skull and windown decorations. - Kaleigh
There is a fake pumpkin that is blinking.  - Denzel

A wants to know:
Are you looking forward to Halloween?

This has been a very busy week in our class.  We have finally finished our monster, and will be naming him next week.  This project was a great way for students to work through the designe process, which includes making a plan, choosing materials and how to put their monster part together and problem solving if they discovered their original plan needed to be modified. 

We are also half way through the novel we are currently reading "Ivy + Bean" by Annie Burrows & Sophie Blackall.  They are enjoying the humor in the story and many students have either purchased some of the books with their families or are planning are requesting them from Santa.

- Ms. Nairn

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Foggy Day (and the next day too).

Yesterday it was really foggy.  We didn't go out for the first recess because it was soooo foggy. - Ewan
Yesterday and today we Skyped with different classes in the United States. - Brook
We are making a monster in our class for the Global Monster Project. - Paige
We are going to play a new math game and it is going to be fun. - Kayleigh
When we were Skyping the other classes were asking us questions and we answered.  We were asking them question and they answered. - Sofiya
I am working on the feet, they are green with black polka dots.  They have 5 bloody cuts. - Faith
Kohen and I are working on the arms. - Zoe
Kylie and I are working on the legs.  We finished the legs with the Zebra prints and now we are onto the infested and slimy. - Jillian

Cassidy and I were working on the shark shaped fingers. We are done the fingers. - Davion
Madison and I are doing the 80 toes(20 on each foot). - Grace
Sofiya and I are working on the ears. - Kaleigh
Denzel and I are working on the tail. - Cole
Ewan and I were working on the wings and now we are done. - A
We started a new chapter book. Its called "Ivy+Bean". - Madison
We had hard top recess. -Chloe
Dylan and I were making a mouth for our monster and it was fun.We had to make it look like a cow mouth. -Nathan
Nathan and I are doing the lips on the monster.- Dylan
Yesterday it was so foggy out that I had to use a flashlight to get to the bus. - Jearan

Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Short But Packed Week

We had bus evacuation.  Where we learn a little bit more about the bus. - Dylan
We learned that when there is accidents and if the bus tips on its side, we can go out the front or back doors if they are available, or the windows if they are available, or the top. - Ewan
Bus evacuation are when you go into a parked bus, so you can learn more about buses.  We learned that because we want to be safe on buses. - Zoe
At bus evacuation
We had health today with Mrs. Burns.  We learned about how we feel, high, just right or low.  - Sofiya
We got rocket candy from Ms. Nairn. - Kylie  (because they did such a good job of working together and sharing during our indoor recesses today. - Ms. Nairn)
We had a fun day today because we are going to computer. - Kaleigh
We played cards today.  The games was called Addition Snap. - Paige
Mrs. Burns came and read us a story about low, high and just right.  She talked about if you could tell if someone was sad or if they were happy, or if they were just right. - Brook
Today it was indoor recess. I was trying to make a Lego Ninjago.  I made the new character Lloyd. - Kohen
Today at lunch recess Ms. Nairn put on some music. Everybody started dancing, even Ms. Nairn.- Vanessa
It was different because it was snowing today.  We didn't have recess outside because it was snowing a lot. - Ewan
On our classroom brain we have our classroom's smarts.  Each person has a toothpick flag with their smarts on it.  Then we know what kinds of smart they are. - A
There is going to be blood on our monster. The blood is going to be red, and scary.  There will be yellow stuff in the belly button.  There will also be a big zombie head on the head.  Its going to be really, really, cool- Kayleigh
We have a classroom project that we are doing. It is going to be a monster.  Some of the classes are doing, even some from all over the world.  Our monster is going to be enormous. - Zoe

This week was jam packed with activities.  We are preparing to start our monster building next week, and I am hoping to have our class Skype with some other classes throughout the process.  This will be a great way for students to go through the design process and work collaboratively with their peers.  Stay tuned to our blog to follow us on our journey. - Ms. Nairn 

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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