Friday, September 27, 2013

A brief review of our week.

Yesterday we made maps at the end of the day and it had to be of your bedroom.  It also had to be a birdseye view.  This weekend we have to look at our rooms and then we have come back on Monday to finish our maps. - Kaleigh

On Monday we have Mad Science and I am really excited. - Jaidan

This week we are learning about gravity. We were learning about forces too.  - Paige and Faith

Today we went to gym and we played soccer  It was awesome.  We played helicopter. - Cassidy and Brook.

Today we were learning about gravity and we did this observation.  We were looking for evidence that gravity is around us.  We went to the gym, outside and then back in because the bell rang.   At recess I met up with my friend and Grace.- Zoe

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our first class geocaching

Today we went geocaching on the path behind our school and we found two geocaches. We found one of the ones that I planted with my Dad and it was fantastic!! -  Kaleigh

I thought that the Geochaching was awesome! -Paige

We found paper and we had to sign our name and we also found toys and we traded erasers. -Faith

We had to walk really far to find the first geocach and when we found it it was camoflaged with a tape and then we opened it and the paper we had to sign was inside. - Zoe

We got to use these geocach gps and all of the geocaches were covered in camo duct-tape and blue duct-tape for water and they are in a container. -Jearan

Today we had computer and we all have new passwords that we will use until we are in grade 12!! We wrote on KIDBLOG on the computer. - Sofiya

For more information on geocaching and caches near you click on the photo below to bring you

You can also find the app for your smart phone here.


First Few Days of Grade 3GRade 3 is awesome

Grade 3 is awesome because we do fun things.  - Cole
Grade 3 is really fantastic.  This week we have been working on reading and multiple intelligence. - Kaleigh
Today we did daily 5. I read "Little Baby Blue Bear sees Blue".  It was a really good book. - Paige
Grade three is really fun because we get to be actors for the Christmas concert. - Jearan
Our class is spectacular and Ms. Nairn did a move from grade 2 to grade 3.  Then she will probably go back to grade 2 next year.  Ms. Nairn calls us grade 3 bees (when she remembers). - Zoe
I like grade 3 but it can be rough sometimes. - Jillian
We have a new two new students.  We did spelling and the last one was challenging. - Davion

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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