Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It has begun...

Today begs the creation of our cardboard arcade.  Inspired by Caine's arcade (video shown in a post below).  Students are using what they have learned this term about gravity, magnets and static electricity to build arcade games.  Last week students drew diagrams, created a list of materials and made a list of criteria for their games.  Building day finally arrived today.  For almost three hours students worked hard on their games moving them from concept to concrete.  The excitement and focus was palatable.  I had the pleasure today of watching our class become designers, architects and engineers.  Students moved freely between building their own games and inspecting others creations.  They were discussion their techniques, offering each other advice and problem solving.  Not only did I see students working hard, but I saw them taking care of one and other.  One student would call out for a supply and another would direct them too it.  There was shouting, no fighting over materials, no hurt feelings.  It was amazing to see how well our class community can work together.  Icanct wait to continue this project tomorrow.
-Ms. Nairn

A special thankyou to our Harold Hatcher family and friends that
donated the various materials needed to create our games.
Our boxes before we got started
In the middle of construction.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Boxes and Boos

This week we learned about a 9 year old boy who made his own arcade.  Our class was just inspired by the video.  Our teacher got so many comments by the studens about making their own machines.  We are using boxes to make our machines.
We made pictures of witches based on Pablo Picasso's art.  We also had a Halloween party.  We had a huge assembly that we have every year.  We sing and dance.  After that we went back to our classroom and we had a party.  We had food, and then played.  Our teacher put on a Halloween song.
- Madison

Photographs by Kayleigh and Vanessa

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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