Friday, September 26, 2014

Terry Fox Run and other things

We did arts and crafts with Mrs. Westmacott. - Eliott
We used pastels to colour on a special piece of paper after we were done our name art. - Erika
We used tracers to trace the letters for our name.  We also used construction paper to make backgrounds for our art. - Nyla

We learned a new recorder note in music, E.. - Shaira
We have learned some new songs.  They include Mary Had a Little Lamb and Skin and Bones. - Ella

We went geocaching and found three geocaches. Some of them were in the trees and bushes. - S
A geocache is something that you have find using a GPS (Global Positioning System). - Emma
If you find a geocache don't take it.  If there is something inside to trade, and you have something to trade that is of equal value, you can.  If you don't have anything you could sign it. - Dante

We are donating money for cancer research for the Terry Fox Run.  - Kayla
 Today we are doing the Terry Fox run. - Gaby
We have been counting the money we collect for the Terry Fox Run in math. - Gordie
If we beat our goal of $1600 then we get 80 extra minutes of recess. - Kaden
For every $100 we get 5 minutes of extra recess. - Joyce

We started work on writing for Daily 5.   We are probably going to do it again today.  Everyone was doing their job, being quiet and Ms. Nairn was doing her own writing. - Tristan

We learned some of the colours in French and the days of the week:  Dimanche, Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi. - Demitrius

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help us with our Monster Project

We are looking for Argentina, Myanmar, Russia and England, Taiwan on our maps.  Can you help us by telling us what other countries are close to these ones?

We are participating in a monster project and we need to know a few things:

What is the latitude and longitude for Winnipeg?

What is the average high and low temperature for summer and winter?

We also have to describe monster teeth.  Can you please help us by giving us spooky, scary or gross words that could be used to describe teeth.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A week in Awezmania

We learned about the earth.  We found out where the equator is.  It is at the center of the globe. - S

We did arts and crafts with Mrs. Westmacott.  We got a black piece of paper and then we grabbed different colours of construction paper.  Then we made our background out of those colours.  Next we chose colours we wanted to print our name in.  Finally we could do little decorations. - Kaden

We did dot art because it was International Dot Day. - Johnny

We donated pennies for the Terry Fox Run.  Then we counted them.  In total we collected 541 pennies. - Joyce

We learned how to do plus 9.  We did it with partners, using cards and a whiteboard. - Kayla

We learned about directions: north, south, east and west. - D

We had picture day on Friday.  Some of us wore fancy clothes. -Nyla

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Quick Look at our Class!

We named our classroom Awezmania

We played a four corners game in French.
 We went to grade 4 choir.
Our mad science teacher came.
We learned French in grade 3 and 4.
We are learning new words in French
 We had a school barbeque yesterday.
Our families met our teachers.
We learned new strategies in math.
We went to our first library.
We went to our first music class.

We did our survey about how we are smart.
We learned how to pick a just right book.


Friday, September 5, 2014

A Fun First Week

We did some arts and crafts. - Kayla
We got to play a few games to get to know each other. - Ella
We went to gym and we had a very fun time. - Nyla
We love our classroom. - Demitrius
We did math on white boards. - Erika
We learned new skills in gym. - S
Ms. Hepworth told us that we are able to play recorders even though some of us are in grade 3. - Joyce
We learned what we like and what other people like. - Kaden
We had a lot of fun in our class. - Connor
We like our teacher Ms. Nairn. - Eliott
My friends and I had a good time playing at recess. - Emma
We had fun in music. - Alexa
Ms. Nairn taught us how to sing Happy Birthday in French. - Gaby

Representing ourselves.


Drawing some of our favourite things.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Great First Day Video

We had a great first day in Venus 1.  One of our activities was watching a Kid President.  One kids advice to students and teachers as we begin the year.  Check it out!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Start of a New Year!

Hello to all my new students!

We are about to start a new year and I am almost ready for your return.  This is our class blog, where we will share our learning with our friends, our family and the world.  Please feel free to explore the various links and pages.

I have been in the classroom all week setting up.  Tomorrow I will post some pictures of what it looks like on our class instagram @msnairnsclass and on this blog. 

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer.  I will leave you with a few questions to think about as you enjoy the last few days of vacation.

See you soon,
Ms. Nairn

Here are three questions.  You can answer them in the comments below or bring the answers on the first day of school.

1)  How many days will we be in school for from September to the end of June? 
(Hint, don't forget not to include in-service days or holidays when we do not come to class).

2) How many different kinds of punctuation marks do you know?
(Punctuation marks are used to let the audience know how to author wants them to read the sentence.  A period is an example of a punctuation mark.)

3) What does your name mean?  Why were you given the name you have? 
Talk with your family to find out why you were given the first or middle name that you have, or look in a name book or on a website to find out what your name means.

Please note that if you add a comment with your answers in it, I will not make it public (for everyone to see) until the first day of school, so that everyone has a chance to answer.  Also for students adding your name, please make sure to use your first name only.  We will learn more about why this is important during the first weeks of school.  If other friends or family members would like to leave a message you can either sign it with how you are connected to our class (i.e. Sam's Uncle) or just write your first name.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Guess the Plant

Tuesday morning, we will have some new visitors in our classroom.  Each table group will be getting a plant to learn about and take care of.  But before we can take care of our plants, we need to know what kind of plants they are.  If you know the names of any of our plants, please help us out and share them by adding a comment.

Plant A

Plant B


Plant C

Plant D

Plant E

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spirit Week and Even More...

We had Spirit Week last week.  We had pjama day.  After pajama day it was Sports day and a dance party.  - Paige
During Spirit Week we had Pink Day.  Energy 106, a radio station, came.  Some people say Energy 106 is a famous Winnipeg radio station.  They play all types of modern music. - Chloe
J. D., Jordon, and Natalie from Energy 106 were signing autographs. - Ashton

In social studies we are just starting to learn about ancient Egypt.  We've only wrote some questions
and information we know already. -Kaleigh

In science, yesterday, we got some top soil on pieces of paper on our desks.  Then we got a piece of lined paper and we had to draw what we saw. - Brook

On Friday my friend and I went to a field trip with the grade ones to see a play because when it came to our school we were away.  We went to the Manitoba Theatre for Young People and we watched a play about bullying.  It was about a girl named Farley and a boy name Victor and his sister Tara.  Farley was the bully, and Victor was the person being bullied.  The play was called Nightlight. - Sofiya
In the play Victor's sister, Tara, was afraid of a monster.  The monster's name was Googe.  Her brother didn't see the monster.  In the beginning the monster only showed his hands.  Then the second time it started touching everything in her drawer.  After that his head came out. He started talking to her.  Her brother, Victor, brought her his old night light and his friend fixed it up. - Kylie

Today in music, our music teacher told us a story about a boy and some trolls.  And then she played a song.  The song was connected to the part of the story when he was running away from the trolls.  The story was called In The Hall of the Mountain King. - Vanessa

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A lot can happen in a whole month.

Its been awhile since we've written and a lot has happened.

We built our structures. - Paige
We used tape, cardboard, straws, plastic, Popsicle sticks, plasticine and glue to make our structures. - Davion
It took us about half a week to finish making the structures.  Then we tested them with a 50g weight.  Some of our structures didn't hold the weight but it was still okay.  Some of the students' structures held it, but they were good about not bragging about it. - Zoe
We made play structures.  At the end we got to take them home. - Vanessa
Our structures had to have at least three parts including a ladder or something to climb up. - Ashton

In social studies we were doing research on countries that we studied.  When we were finished we made them into a book, poster or power point.  Some people had their work laminated. - Faith
We were writing on computers.  When we were done we had to print them.  Then we had to draw or print pictures. - Sofiya

In math we have been learning about 3D shapes.  Some of the shapes we have been learning about are cubes, spheres, cones, cylinders, triangular prisms, and square-based pyramids.  We have just been introduced to multiplication and division.  We are still learning more about addition and subtraction. - Kaleigh.

We listened to three songs Trepak, Russian Sailors Dance, and Sabre Dance.  Then people got to chose which song they wanted write about.  Some people were in the music room and some people stayed in the class.  We drew what the dance made us think about.  Then Mrs. Braken came and wrote some ideas down on a sticky note. - Brook

On Valentines Day we had a party.  Some people brought in treats.  We also handed out cards. -Vanessa
When we handed out the Valentine's card, we put our bags on the floor by the white board.  When all of the people were done handing the Valentines out, we got to look through them. - Zoe

When we got back from recess yesterday went into our class and saw a note on our white board.  The note said:
Top of the afternoon to you,
I have dropped some gold in the classroom.
If you find it for me I will give you a treat.

After we found the gold, there was another note under a magnet. It said that the treats were in Ms. Nairn's drawer.  The treat was chocolate coins. - Madison

After recess yesterday we had gym outside.  My friend and I were playing a game called House. - Chloe

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Olympics Day

Today we had a Winter Olympics Day and we did some activities inside and some outside.  Some of the activities that we did were sledding, curling and indoors we went to the computer lad and played some games. Then we went to a teachers room to watch some videos.  We also did this game where someone drew a picture and you picked a person and they had to try and guess what you drew.. - Kaliegh

The game with the drawing was called Pictionary. - Ashton

Today we did some activities that were in the Olympics.  We played curling in the friendship room and it was awesome. - Paige

We went to Mr. Cowan's class and we watched three videos.  The last video we didn't really get to watch.  The two other videas were really interesting. - Sofiya

I felt like it was winter field day.  It was really cold out.  My favourite outside activity was the biathalon.  My favourite inside activity was the hockey. - Zoe

My favourite indoor activity was floor hockey because it was fantastic. - Kylie

My favourite part was all of it because all of my friends had fun and no one got in trouble. - Davion

We did floor hockey.  I was the goalie in one of the rounds but they scored one goal. - Chloe

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This week! by Kaleigh and Faith

On Monday we just got back from winter break.We did math also we learned in math with a ruler.How to do sharps. Also instead of doing a New Years resolution we did one word for a hole year. We had to draw some pictures on the outside of the word that was in the middle. On Tuesday, after Daily 5 we had Library. When we got there we picked out to books. Then we read them. On Thursday we had 5 members of the brass family come to our school to play for us. On Friday we did math, in math we were counting money. We are going to do book choice next.

By Kaleigh and Faith.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Great Big World - This Is the New Year (Lyric Video)

Happy New Year! 

Winter break is over and everyone is ready to get back into the swing of things. Today we discussed some of the projects we are looking forward to and reflected on how we would like this year to go!

For our New Year's Resolutions we decided to do something a little different.  Inspired by  
One Word 365, each student chose one word that they want to embody their year.

Together we brainstormed many words we could use to inspire our year including:
create, love, happy, risk-taking, brave, discover,
wisdom, active, patience, faith
honesty, awesome

Stay tuned to find out what each of us chose as our One Word.

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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