Friday, January 30, 2015

Wayside and other stories

We are creating art work about the Artic. We painted Artic landscapes with water colours on special water colour paper.  The art was inspired by the artist Ted Harrison, a Canadian artist.

Today we learned about self talk with Mrs. Burns.  It is where a voice appears in your head and talked to you.  Sometimes it is a negative talk and sometimes it is positive talk. We made a list of things you can tell yourself if the talk is negative.

We are reading a book called Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  We are on chapter 9.  Each chapter is about a different character.  We learned that the fasted draw meant that they were the fasted drawer (on paper) in the school, the name was Bebe Gunn.  Their school was suppose to be one storey high and 30 classrooms, but instead they made it 30 storeys with 1 classroom per floor.  But it is actually 29 because there is no 19th floor.  There was also coaster about a teacher who would wiggle her ears and turn kids into apples (don't worry they were turned back into kids).

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Music class and other activities

In science, we sorted cut out words of objects that makes light.  We put the words in categories based on we thought they were connected.  Some of the groups were things that use electricity, things that were made of fire, natural light, things that were natural phenomena, things that reflect and things that glow in space.

In music, we played an instrument called a Boom Whacker.  Our music teacher taught us to play some songs with them, including O Cananda. They were different colours like a rainbow.  They were different lengths so that they made different sounds.

In Health, with Mrs. Westmacott, we did something called Helathy Me where we wrote down things that we do that are healthy.  Some examples of healthy choices were sleeping 8 hours at night, playing hockey or other sports, eating fruits and vegetables and punching a punching bag for exercise. 

Yesterday we played a math game with some Kindergarten students.

Our focus in Phys. Ed. is gymnastics.  Yesterday we got to make up our own routines.  We did cartwheels, forward rolls and teddy bear stands.

Monday, January 19, 2015

We learned how to play Kakooma.  It is a math game. - G

We did a light box experiment.  We had a flashlight, two black cards, and one white card.  We also had a painted shoe box and a skewer. - Kayla
We used plastecine too. - Erika
We put the two black cards in front of the shoe box (they each had a hole).  We put the white card after the last black card.  Then we turned on the flashlight (in the shoe box) and lined it up with the holes, so that is shined on the white card. - Kaden

We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy video about light. - Elijah
We learned all the colours of light together make white light. - Erika

Last week we also started gymnastics club for those that are interested. - Nyla

Monday, January 12, 2015

Our classes New Year's resolution is to post on our blog once a week - Demitrius
(Because Ms. Nairn always forgets)

Our whole class did Oneword365 for our New Year's resolutions.  - Emma

We are learning about non-fiction.  - Tristan

Things we know about non-fiction:
They are true stories - Savannah
They have true facts - Alexa
Sharks don't sleep - Emma
All sharks have super senses. - Melvin
There are captions under the pictures. - Erika
Whale sharks are the biggest shark in the world. - G
 Sharks use most of their brain to smell - Dante
In non-fiction stories there are photographs. - Ella
Non fiction stories have true information - Shaira

We just came back from winter break on Monday. - Joyce

We learned about measuring objects.  We measured books, pencils, erasers etc.  We are learning about centimeters and meters. - Nyla

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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