Friday, April 10, 2015

Poetry and other things this week

We had to make a AB pattern and then we had to make a second one with the same colours. I switched the last block with the first block - Johnny
We made different patters. - Demitrius
We made an array - Melvin
We made an increasing pattern by 2s. - Shaira
Today we figured out all the ways to complete the equation 2 x 5 =
some of the idea we had were 5+5, 20/2, 40/4, 1 x 10, 5 + 6 -1, 110 /11
We figured out many others, but we know there are more. - Demitrius & Class
We are learning about division. - Erika

Social Studies
This week we have  been learning about Manitoba. - Kayla
Winnipeg is the largest city and the capital of Manitoba.  Our provincial bird is the Great Grey Owl - Demitrius & Kaden
The animals on our coat of arms are the beaver, bison, unicorn and horse. - Ella
Our provincial flower is the Prairie Crocus. - Gordie
Yesterday we had a scavenger hunt to find out thins about Manitoba.  We used the internet to find the information. - Kaden

Special Events
We had pink shirt day on Wednesday. Two people from Engery106 came to talk to us about Bullying and kindness. - Gaby
Next week we have Spirit Week. On Monday we have Backwards day, Tuesday is Hat Day. - Dante
During Spirit week, on the announcements we have to figure out who is mooing a song and what the song is. - Erika
This week we came back from Spring Break. - Johnny
Today our gymnastics kids are performing their routines and some skills. - Emma
The Jets made it to the playoffs! - Tristan

We have been learning about poetry.  One of the poets we have been learning about is Shel Silverstein. - Joyce
Yesterday we watched a video that connected to Shel Silversteins poem - Where the Sidewalk Ends - - Ella
We watched a video about the poem Invitation. - Demitrius

If you know anything about Manitoba, feel free to tell us in the comments. - Emma

Can't Hardly Wait

In one week, I will be meeting our new class of grade 3 students.  I have been working hard to prepare our classroom and get things organize...

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